What Is Smart Security

What is Smart Home Security?

Chain-Solutions offers smart home security system that integrates all the components of home security systems into a comprehensive package that can communicate with you whenever a problem occurs.

These days, homeowners are very concern about security for their home and many already have CCTV or home alarm installed. What smart home technology does is that it can link your alarm systems to the home network – you get an alert when there is trouble or you can access your home security system from any internet enable device.

The Benefits of Smart Home Security

  • CCTV, siren, motion detection, intruder detection
  • Fingerprint locks
  • Automatically switch on your lights and flood lights if installed
  • Smoke detection, gas detection
  • Monitor your home from anywhere
  • Connects to the internet and control with any smart device
  • Easy to setup and affordable
  • Fully customizable and scalable – works for condos, apartment blocks and office blocks

How Does A Smart Home Security Works?

We need to install and connect your home security system to your home network, and setup your app on your mobile device. For existing home security systems, it may be possible (depending on your model) to connect to your home network without much trouble.

With Protection In Mind
With our full range of smart home security system, we can link your system so that it protects your home when you are out and it allows you to take action in case of alarm.

  • Protect against break-ins and burglary – motion sensors, break-glass, CCTV, door contacts, fingerprint locks, flood lights, siren
  • Protect against Fire – smoke detector and gas detector
  • Intelligent notification – alerts you whenever there is a problem
  • Real time information – you can monitor your home online
  • Real time action – you can let your guests in by remote control of your fingerprint locks
  • Security lighting – turn on your lights automatically or remotely when you are coming home

What works for your home will also work for your office or commercial space. Smart home technology offers innovative and affordable solutions for you.

Smart Home Security Systems