Smart Home Switch Panels

Using advance touch technology for your home

Smart Home Touch Switch Panel – What It Does

Smart Home Touch Light Switch Panel in Malaysia
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Smart Home Switch Panel

Smart Home Touch Switch has the same function as the common switch, except that smart home switches uses advance touch technology. You can switch on appliance with just a touch of your finger. Plus our switches have a small LED embedded so you can see it in the dark.

Smart Home Touch Switch Panels connects to our Smart Home Express (SHE) system and can be accessed via the control panel or your smart devices, smartphones or tablets.

  • Room lights, LED lights, Light dimming
  • Mood lighting
  • Double track room curtains
  • Air-conditioning – wall unit or central air-conditioning
  • Audio video entertainment center

Used With Low Power Consumption LED Lights

Advance LED lights replaces 50W and 75W halogens, but with power consumption of between 9W to 13W.
LED lights replaces downlight, spotlight, tracklight, panel light and flood light.
Providing equivalent light while consuming less energy, which leads to more savings for you.

LED Anti Glare Light Kit Chain-solutions

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