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Smart Home Security for your property

Smart Home Security – What It Does

Smart Home Security Monitor

Smart Home Security Systems

Smart Home Security Systems provides complete automated home security for you. Get intelligent updates directly on your smartphone. Our Smart Home Security System helps keep you and your property safe.

Install smart home security, connect it to the internet and you can see what is going on in your home, your office or workplace.

  • Motion sensors, Break-glass sensors, Door contact sensors
  • Works with your CCTV, Night vision CCTV
  • Fingerprint door lock, home alarm
  • Smoke detectors, Gas detectors
  • Phone notification in case of alarms

Visit our showroom to see the various models available. See more products on our product page.

Smart Home Security Products

Security Sensors and Bio-Metric Locks

Smart Home Security System Sabah

Motion Sensor

Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint Lock

Smart Motion Sensor SNB-ZBMS-002

Gas Detector

Bio- metrics lock from Chain-Solutions

Fingerprint Lock

Smart Smoke Detector SNB-ZBSD-001

Smoke Detector

Fingerprint Bio-Metrics Lock Malaysia

Fingerprint Lock

Smart Contact Sensor SNB-ZBDC-001

Contact Sensor

Fingerprint Lock Sabah

Fingerprint Lock

Smart Security For Your Home

Peace of mind and protection for your family

Smart Home Security Systems

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