What Is A Smart Home and What It Does?
A smart home is a house or property that uses advanced automated systems to provide the owners with comfort, convenience, and energy savings while keeping your property secure.

Another characteristic of a smart home is that you can control your home through any internet enabled devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer…. Read more

Smart Home Chain-Solutions Overview

What is Smart Home Lighting and What it does?
Smart lighting in a smart home is lighting that is designed to be energy saving, and can be pre-set to provide optimum lighting for your home. It also allows you to control the lights from anywhere in your home using a control panel or from a tablet.

Our smart home lighting uses LED lighting, which is energy efficient, works with dimmer and can be used to create the perfect ambiance in any room setting…. Read more

Smart home lighting adjustable warmth

Smart home lighting adjustable light levels

What is Smart Home Security and What it does?
Chain-Solutions offers smart home security system that integrates all the components of home security into a comprehensive package that is intelligent and can communicate with you whenever a problem occurs.

What smart home technology does is that it can link your alarm systems to the home network – you get an alert when there is trouble or you can access your home security system from any internet enable device…. Read more

Smart Home Security Systems

What are LED Lights?

LED lights are the most energy-efficient way to light your smart home or small business, and it can be used to create any mood lighting you prefer. LED lights uses the same energy as energy-saving light bulbs, has the same footprint and installs the same way.

LED lights from Chain-Solutions replaces halogens, incandescent and fluorescent lights in your home and office. It has the same dimensions as traditional halogen lamps, so you can retrofit LED lights into the same space…. Read more

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