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Smart Home programable curtain panel

Smart Home Curtain Control Panel – What It Does

Smart Home Curtain Panel
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Programmable Curtain Panel

Smart Home Control Panel is a programmable control panel that controls your room curtains to open and close at pre-set times. The curtain panel helps control the amount of sunlight and heat that enters your windows, helping you get optimal cooling and energy saving from your air-conditioning.

Curtain panels are programmable, you can set them to open and close automatically, controlled by your smart devices or a wall switch.

  • Automated to do exactly what you want, when you want
  • Programed to automatically open to let in the sun in the morning
  • Helps reduce your energy costs for air-conditioning and lighting
  • Stops automatically when it meets a barrier as a safety precaution
  • Controlled by any smart device or wall swtich

Smart Home Curtain Panel Products

Used in conjunction with Lux Sensors and Pedrail System

Smart Lux Sensor SNB-ZBLS-001

Lux Sensor
Lux sensor is a passive infra-red sensor which detects movements and also measures light in the room. Used indoor and can be mounted on the ceiling.

It is used to provide data to your smart home, used to control lights, curtains and blinds, air-conditioning and to enhance home security.

pedrail gear SNB-ERC-001A

Pedrail Gear System
Our pedrail gear system with synchronous motor is installed to operate window curtains and has low noise operations. Works with straight course, circular arc, a single track, and double tracks window curtains.

Used in conjunction with Lux Sensors and Pedrail System, for optimal natural light and temperature control. Works for residential and commercial space.

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